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First, a disclaimer.  This site is NOT representative of any views, opinions or recommendations of the Federal Aviation Administration, RotorWay Int'l., or any of the manufacturers of any of the third party products used in the construction of this project.  This site is strictly presented as a documentation vehicle for my personal use.  Any opinions are strictly those of John L. Rahn and should not be taken as direction, advise or recommended procedures for anyone to follow or adhere to.

A Good First Step

An excellent series of articles has been published on building the RotorWay Exec.  I would recommend reading these articles before you send off for literature or put a deposit down on your dream machine.  The articles are titled Building A RotorWay Exec 162F by Jeff Dunham.  They were published in Kitplanes Magazine in 1997 and contain a wealth of information.  Another MUST publication is Rotorheads Newsletter.  Its been around for a number of years and has a wealth of information.  You can also get back issues from the publishers.

To Bravely Go...

Others have bravely gone through the process of building an Exec and have been good enough to document their progress on the web.  Look over their sites for additional information.

Clell & Donna's RotorWay Site
J.Mark Wolf's RotorWay Site
Stan Maige's RotorWay Site

Also, check out this RotorWay forum for more good information.

RotorWay Fun

and, of course, don't overlook RotorWay's site.

I put almost two years of research into which kit to build.  This included talking to many, many people, going to Oshkosh and Mentone, flying various helicopters and on, and on, and on. I felt that the RotorWay was right for me.  The company has been around for many years and their staff are all professionals.  They work out of a beautiful complex in Chandler, AZ and have sold over 400 Exec 162Fs (as of '99).  The other kit manufacturers just couldn't stack up (my opinion remember).

I took rotorcraft instruction and obtained my private rotorcraft add-on rating in June of '99.  It didn't seem logical to buy and build a kit without knowing if I could fly a helicopter.  The RotorWay training of 7 to 10 hours and then "go back and hover practice in your own helicopter" is not something I would recommend (again, my opinion).  Also, take a look at the outbuilding  I constructed specifically for the RotorWay project!

These construction pages are arranged like chapters in a book.  The picture albums in the chapters have between 5 and 10 photos each and will be updated at various times as progress is published.  The albums with the arrows will progress forward or backward when clicked although initially all the pictures will take some time to load.  The albums without the arrows will load each picture automatically.  Subsequent visits to the site will load pictures much faster after the initial visit and picture downloads.  Check back through the albums from time to time for additional pictures.  I will cover everything from the delivery of the kit to the first flight including some things I think RotorWay should have done better and also try to provide some insights into aircraft registration and appropriate inspection by the FAA.

So,  lets get started...