Helicopter Outbuilding
Here is a picture of the area that the outbuilding will occupy.  It has just been staked out and construction for the concrete base should start in May.
May 3, 1999 construction begins.  The foundation is being framed for the concrete pour.
The first requirement for building an Exec, or anything else for that matter, is to have a good work environment.  I chose to construct a 30'x40' outbuilding complete with heated concrete floor, finished interior, all necessary power tools and even an electric winch to lift the helo for weight and balance.  Here is a picture chronology of the building construction.
Here is a picture from the treehouse.  That's my daughter and a friend standing in the middle of the heating elements before the concrete is poured.
Concrete has been poured.  Wood to be delivered June 10th.  Carpenter will start the 11th.
The walls are up and the roof trusses were delivered on June 17th.
Roof is on and shingles have been delivered.  Cedar siding comes next week.
The shingles are on, windows in and two walls of cedar siding have been added.  The carpenter will finish the building this weekend (7/31).  The water, electric, phone and satellite will be trenched to the house this weekend also.  11x11 doors go on 8/2.  Using the digital camera now, quality is much better!
Cutting the trench from the house to the outbuilding.  I can't believe all the things that were buried underground.  We ripped up drain tiles and electric.  Oh well...
This is really taking a long time to finish!  Its Aug. 14th and the siding is on, the doors are installed, services are trenched in and the exterior lights are on.  Next comes two part epoxy paint for the floor then insulation.
Here is an interior shot of the winch system to be used for weight and balance.  The ceiling truss was specifically designed to support 2000 pounds and then reinforced with 2x12 plates and #8 quality bolts.   This should make lifting the helo and other items very easy.  The floor has been two-part epoxy painted and the drywallers start after Labor Day.
Its already the first day of fall and I'm still working on this building.  Hard to believe that this is the same winch!  Drywall has been installed, ceiling primed and painted and a grey trim added around the winch opening.  The black cord was extended from its delivered 8 feet to 25 feet to allow for operation from a variety of areas in the room.
Here is an interior shot taken on September 26th.  I have the walls primed and will top coat them this week with a light tan color.  I am hoping to have the building finished in about two more weeks. 
Its Friday, October 8th and this is Frank DeVries, master carpenter, and me building the work bench.  One side is 16 feet long and the other is 8 feet.  I picked up the florescent lights today and will install them sometime next week.  The propane boiler is in for the heated floor and I am trying to figure out how to install it.  Around here, there aren't many more mild days left.  That crate to the far right is part of the Exec.
Here is the backhoe cutting the trench for the drain tile to handle the utility tub in the outbuilding.
October 17, 1999 and the curtain drain for the sink is being installed.  I now have hot and cold running water in the outbuilding.
This is the installed sink and to the right is the copper hydronic boiler used to heat the floor.  There is a lot of copper "sweating" to be done as well as installation of pressure regulator, backflow preventer, pumps, etc.
Here is a closer shot of the boiler with all the related copper parts, pumps, valves, etc.
This is Al Borrelli and me pressure testing the hydronic boiler on Nov. 1st.  There were a few leaks but after a little tweaking, we filled the system with water, purged the air and ran the pumps for 30 minutes.  All that's left is to vent through the wall and fire up the boiler.  Heat at last!
Two albums with then and now pictures.
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