The album above shows additional instruments I am adding.  The first picture shows the silver oil pressure gauge as delivered from RotorWay.  I don't know why they selected this gauge as it does not match the rest of the instrument panel. The Westach electronic oil pressure gauge has a black finish, is back mounted and matches the others.  It eliminated the "weak link" oil line that runs to the back of the instrument panel.  If it ever breaks, you are really in for a mess and a safety hazard!  The inclinometer replaces the silly "tale-tale" string attached to the outside of the windshield.  The Pegasus compass replaces the literally junk "made in China" compass supplied by RotorWay.  The Pegasus is made in the UK and utilizes a silicon based damping system that eliminates the "washing machine look" caused by vibration acting on the China compass.  It is also panel mounted allowing for unobstructed vision through the windscreen.  Other additions include an Outside Air Temperature gauge, digital clock and cockpit light.  I consider the cockpit light a safety feature since I will be flying at night.  It is directed at the rotor/engine tachs and is actuated by a button on the Infinity Grips.  The last picture shows the Westberg Mfg. Westach bearing temperature gauge.  I had Westberg make this gauge up for me with a settable overtemp light.  It will monitor the secondary bearing temperature.