This is our home in Sycamore, Illinois
Here is an aerial view of our house in '98.  It's in the country near a little town called Sycamore, Illinois.  I am adding an outbuilding in the summer of '99.  This is where I will be building a RotorWay Exec helicopter.
Here is another aerial view of the house in the winter of '98.  The outbuilding will be built just to the left of the treehouse.
This is another picture from the field to the west of the house.  We have five acres which will come in handy as a hover test and landing area for the helicopter.  This shot was made with a new digital camera.  The quality is definitely better.
This aerial was made on Sept. 6, '02 from an Exec 162F.  The house is hidden by the trees but you can see the outbuilding.
Here are a couple of visitors that dropped by on 9/7/02.  The red/silver helicopter won Reserve Grand Champion at Oshkosh Airventure '02.
Here is another picture of Jim Liss' champion helicopter stirring up the freshly cut grass.