ACIS Exec 162F
What Was Ordered
RotorWay Exec 162 F
Altitude Compensation Induction System (A.C.I.S.)  (Make sure you really need it.)
Helipac  (Very nice for storage.)
2 - Floor Storage Boxes  (A good buy and great for additional storage.)
Lighting System Kit  (Don't waste your money on this one, buy from Aircraft Spruce!)
51 Amp Alternator (An absolute must.)
What Was Added
Pro-Drive Main Rotor Drive Conversion (rcvd 12/1/99) / (removed 1/22/04)
Behuncik's Self-Tensioning Cog Drive (rcvd 2/29/04)
Tail Rotor Slider Upgrade (rcvd 12/7/99)
Crank Case Vent Kit (rcvd 2/3/00)
Left Main Belt Stabilization Idler (rcvd 2/3/00)
Electric Clutch Actuator (rcvd 3/24/00)
Thermostat Diverter (rcvd 4/4/00)
Throttle and Collective Friction (fabricated locally)
Electric Horizontal Stabilizer Trim (rcvd 3/6/00)
Pitch Pin Stabilization Kit (rcvd 2/16/01)
Engine Block Heater (rcvd 2/16/01)
Upgraded/Additional Instrumentation (rcvd 2/24/00)
Infinity Cyclic Grips  (rcvd 5/18/00)
Westach Bearing Temperature Gauge (rcvd 12/18/00)
Custom Machined Pitot Tube (fabricated locally)
Bendix/King KY97A & KT76 (rcvd 10/17/00)
Ameri-King AK-450 ELT (rcvd (10/17/00)
PS Engineering PM3000 Stereo Intercom  (rcvd 1/17/01)
Digital Rotor Tach Upgrade (rcvd 12/3/01)
Slider Rail Kit (rcvd 4/23/02)
Westach Electronic Oil Pressure Gauge (rcvd 9/26/02)
Garmin GPSMAP295  (rcvd 11/7/02)
iRiver SlimX iMP-350 CD/MP3 Player (rcvd 12/25/02)
Additional oil cooler (rcvd 3/8/03)
35MM Secondary Upgrade (rcvd 3/13/03)
Upgraded bearings for tail rotor, lower secondary & fan shaft.
Building the