Construction Index
The delivery truck is what do I do?
Pre-loading the landing gear, assembling the airframe and tail boom.
So, you think you want to build a helicopter...
Main Rotor Shaft Installation and Initial Body Fit.
Areas I think should be improved by RotorWay.
Body work, panel fitting, initial cabin comfort & windshield.
Pre-Installation engine modifications and block heater.
Drive Train Installation!
Cyclic, Collective, Directional Controls & Infinity Grips.
Oil Sump, Exhaust Heat Shields and Muffler installation.
Fuel System.
ECU, FADEC, Electrical System & External Power.
Ballast Weight, Pitot Tube, Cabin Comfort and Seat Belts.
King KY-97A, KT-76A, AK-350, PM3000, Infinity Grip, Overhead Switch Panel and other wiring schematics plus Weight & Balance.
First Engine Start!
Main Rotor Blades.
Final Touches to the RotorWay.
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