Chapter 1
October 7th, '99 and the delivery truck arrives at the entrance of the outbuilding.  As luck would have it, they lost two of the crates.  One had the rotor blades and the other had the tail boom.  Maybe next week...
The tail boom and rotor blades arrived on Oct. 14th.  I am splitting my time between finishing the building (98% now) and completing the parts inventory (75% complete).  Nice sunset...for Illinois!
Here is another view of the inventory process. Several pieces were incorrectly marked with the inventory number and the engine has still not been shipped .


By November 10th, all the parts (except the engine) had been inventoried and laid out on pegboard.  I thought this would be an easier way to keep track of everything.
One of the first things we did was to cut the belly pan through the front landing gear to allow for easier access to the foot pedals, wiring, radios, etc.  The access panel just doesn't get it for doing any serious work.  RotorWay would be well served by providing this modification for future customers.  I will add more pics during initial body fit.
Its November 23rd and the engine finally arrives.  That strange looking silver piece is part of the A.C.I.S.  A set of screws were incorrectly shipped, a couple of pieces were not marked and the installation instructions for the A.C.I.S. were missing.  For technical information on the A.C.I.S., click here.
Well, the inventory process has been completed.  There were minor discrepancies but overall I would say RotorWay did an excellent job of packing and shipping.